- Artist, Skier, Urban Gardener -

An avid outdoorsman, expert skier and mountain biker, and playful urban gardener with a taste for the eclectic. A Chester County farm boy now living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In our increasingly planned and perfectly orchestrated lives, often the most important moments occur while we’re focused on something else. I’ve found design inspiration while skiing, thought of a logo concept while building a stone garden wall, and met my wife because of a traffic jam. Thank you, Serendipity.

These chance moments inspire me to create branding and ad campaigns that catch people unaware—breaking through their daily grind to capture their attention if only for a few moments, but also more than likely prompting them to share their experiences with others.

I work with brands that want to spark excitement, produce word-of-mouth response, and create seamless user experiences while achieving branding and business goals. If you’re interested in working with me, drop me a note at brandon.kauffman AT gmail DOT com.